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Do you like our non-standard, stylish, incredible and creative bouquets?Then read all the way to the end! 👇🏻

Hi! I'm Anastasia - the inspirer, head florist of the floral boutique in the center of Philadelphia where we have created more than 7000 bouquets, made thousands of people happy and all this in just 1.5 years! If you are a creative person, or would like to start your career in a creative field - you are in a right hands!

Peony Et Matthiola Bouquet

I have solid knowledges and 3 years of experience, which I gladly share on my individual floral courses!

The course is held on the basis of our floral studio, which would be fully immersed in the atmosphere of the flower boutique and work with flowers.

I tutor both beginners and practicing florists who do not stand still and want to improve their skills.

After my training students leave with solid skills :

  • proper care and storage of flowers;
  • selection of flowers by texture and color that would make all your bouquets magical;
  • learn our secret techniques for creating a hand tied bouquets;
  • you will know over 10 types of bouquet packaging;
  • our universal techniques, thanks to which you will be able to recreate absolutely any ideas and arrangements as in boxes / baskets and centerpieces, floral installations;
  • where to find for your first clients;
  • the basic rules of communication with customers to make them come back again and again;
  • work and positioning yourself in social networks, content creation.

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